"The obvious reason for growing iris is bloom season, it is what we look forward to but I like to enjoy my iris passion all year long. Hybridizing helps me to do this. First I give some thought to choosing the parents. What do I have already? What variety has already been a successful parent? Should I order something? The mechanics of making the cross are easy. I enjoy seeing if the crosses take, watching the pods grow, and harvesting the seed. Record keeping is important. There are many ways to germinate the seed but my goal is to grow seedlings to maturity as quickly as possible for the obvious goal is to see what you and nature have created. Crossing like to like usually produces the predictable, but not always. I enjoy making wild crosses hoping to get something really different. I hope for beauty but is fun to see the ugly ducklings also. What have you created? For me hybridizing extends the iris season and enhances bloom season for in addition to your named varieties you get to see you own babies bloom." - Paul Smith-

The Iris Experiment - How I do it.

The ultimate experience is available. In May,Take some pollen, place it on an Iris stigmatic lip, watch the ovary grow (June, July, & August.) Cover with a sock sack to save the seeds as the pod ripens and splits open. Plant the seed close together in October in a can, box, cup, etc. Put it outside in a protected place for the winter. The seed will germinate during April and May.
When plants are three to six inches high, transplant in the garden. Tend through the summer and fall. Spring, again, stalks, branches and buds develop.
March, April and May will be the most exciting time ever in your garden.
No one has ever seen this flower it is the only one like it in the world.
It is yours....ALL YOURS. The most beautiful or ??? just about!!

Once begun there will always be a reason for spring and hybridizing

- Don Nebeker -